Group Leader

Brad Reisfeld (Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, School of Biomedical Engineering, One Health Institute)
systems pharmacology and toxicology, one health, mobile health, computational biology, biomedical engineering

Senior Personnel

Sudipto Ghosh (Department of Computer Science)
software development, mobile health, modeling and testing software
Kathleen Gilbert (Department of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences)
microbiology and immunology, toxicant-mediated autoimmune diseases
Manupat (Noon) Lohitnavy (Center of Excellence for Environmental Health & Toxicology, Naresuan University)
pharmacology, toxicology and computing in mathematics, natural science, engineering and medicine
Arthur Mayeno
xenobiotic metabolomics, computational toxicology/biochemistry/biology
Todd Zurlinden (National Center for Computational Toxicology)
systems pharmacology and toxicology, computational biology, agent-based modeling

Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Ryan Arey

Sohaib Habiballah

Kelsey Cribari

Mike Johnesee

Tierney Johnson

Renee Lake

Brandt Reutimann

Natalie Rios

Abigail Strand

Alec Taylor

Kelten Tschanz